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Tests to Start earlier in England – Source – BBC News


Bowel cancer screening in England is to start earlier, at age 50, Public Health England has announced. It said evidence showed that screening people at a younger age would allow more bowel cancers to be picked up at an earlier stage. Currently, men and women in England […]

Tests to Start earlier in England – Source – BBC News2019-06-27T17:55:01+01:00

Only 57% do the test


The uptake of screening for bowel cancer has decreased, with those in the poorest parts of Scotland least likely to be checked. New figures show 57% of those eligible for screening took up the offer between May 2014 and April 2016, below the target of 60%. The proportion has dropped slightly from 57.7% recorded in [...]

Only 57% do the test2018-02-18T14:58:08+01:00