HyStool® is available for sale as follows:

HyStool® is now available for sale as a 2 bag stool sample testing kit with pre-attached adhesive labels, suitable for use with the new

Faecal Immonochemical Test (FIT). This test requires only one sample.

For the standard NHS Bowel Cancer Screening test three samples are still required. For this test 2 kits will be required.

To buy HyStool® within Great Britain using  “Paypal” please use one of the buttons below.

2 Hystool Bags  inc P&P

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6 Hystool Bags inc P&P

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International Orders:

For orders outside Great Britain then please  contact  us. Postage costs are slightly more expensive. We also sell on Amazon.de and Amazon.fr.

Larger Orders:

Hospitals / Health Boards/ Clinics please contact us should you wish to make a larger order. HyStool® can come flat-packed if required for use in hospitals and health clinics. Discounts are available for larger orders.

Other Sources

We also sell HyStool® on EBay and Amazon if you prefer to purchase from these outlets.

hystool faeces bag on toilet seat
hystool bag ready for bowel screening test
stool sample test bag fitted to toilet seat
hystool stool sample bag collecting faecal matter before flushing