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A few testimonials about HyStool®.

A Great Invention …

“The dreaded bowel screening test arrived through the post last week. The usual “what can I use to carry out the test” springs to mind. However I was asked to trial “Hystool Bags” which I had never heard of before. They are easy to use with explanatory leaflet included. On completion of task all you need to do is undo the tabs and flush away. A great invention, thank you.”
Mrs J.M, Aberlady East Lothian

More Hygienic  …

“This simple piece of equipment certainly takes the unpleasantness out of a not so pleasant job. It’s something that thousands of people around the country avoid doing every year because of its very nature. Hystool makes the task easier, more hygienic and quicker than any other method I have tried in the past. It’s not a job anyone looks forward to having to do but this simple and effective piece of equipment certainly helps.”

Mr S.R, Edinburgh

Fitted The Toilet Seat Easily  …

“Used the bags as directed and found them to be sturdy and fitted the toilet sear easily. Did find that there was a bit of residual stickiness from the adhesive tabs but washed off quite easily. All in all if you follow the instructions everything should go well. Good product which would be helpful for all age groups especially those adverse to “catching” their poo.
Would also be useful for parents when they need to get an un-contaminated sample from a child and for Carers who need to get samples from elderly clients in their charge, as this can also prove difficult. A lot more hygienic and environmentally friendly.”

Mrs M.C, Bonnyrigg Midlothian

Does The Trick  …

“Does the trick, the least unpleasant way of taking a stool sample.”

Mr J.S, London

It’s The Obvious Solution  …

“Water soluble pva. Cheap cheerful and all the mechanics worked out and neatly packaged for you. Just follow the instructions, could not be simpler, take what you need and send the rest of the offensive material onward to its usual destination along with the soiled receptacle, no unpalatable handling, no cleaning and no conscience issues about damage to the environment (or the plumbing). The only thing I cannot understand is why the idea has not been jumped on, it’s the obvious solution!”

Mr S.B, Gairloch

Simple And Straightforward  …

“Good instructions. Easy to follow. Very easy to use. Made what can be an unpleasant task very simple and straightforward. I would highly recommend using this product”


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