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HyStool® – Simple and Hygienic Stool Collection Device

HyStool® is a faecal stool sample collection device that is simple to use, hygienic, lightweight and simply flushes away. Unlike paper sheet based  stool collectors HyStool® actually dissolves 100% in cold water, and provides a stool collection method that is environmentally friendly. HyStool® easily fits inside the NHS bowel cancer screening test kit.

Our faecal stool sample collection kit is designed to make an unpleasant job as easy as possible. Simply attach a HyStool® bag to your toilet seat, or the toilet rim under the seat … and pass a stool into the bag. Take the required smear sample.  Once finished detach the bag from the seat and simply flush away.

Watch how HyStool works…..

collection that is biodegradable

“Tried for the first time this morning. Simple and efficient to use. I wish somebody had told me about this product before, it would have made those biannual testings so less stressful.”


Simply use then flushaway

With HyStool® there is no need to catch a stool on a piece of paper in your hand. No need to use a plate, plastic ice cream tub, egg box, or other such unhygienic stool collector (as recommended by the NHS).

With HyStool® there is no need to put your hand inside a potentially contaminated toilet bowl to fit or retrieve anything after it has been used.

Simply use our device and then flush it away. Our stool sample collection kit is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

stool sample collection bags the hygienic collector of faeces

Simple and easy to use


HyStool® bags are attached to toilet seat / bowl with water soluble adhesive stickers.


After attaching the HyStool® bag to the toilet seat simply use the toilet as normal.


The stool is safely contained within the bag so that you can take a sample from it.


Our stool collection device is made from PVA. It dissolves 100% in cold water.

Environmentally Friendly Solution

HyStool® bags are made from PVA.  PVA – Polyvinyl alcohol, is strong, and completely safe for the environment. HyStool® is flushable. Our stool sample collection bags dissolve 100% in cold water and do so in minutes. HyStool® is safe to flush and is the obvious solution when it comes to the hygienic collection of faecal stool samples.

For use at Home or in Hospitals

HyStool® can be used as part of a home stool sample testing kit. Our hygienic device could also be used in hospitals, private health care clinics, or sold in pharmacies. It can be used in colorectal / bowel cancer screening tests, for crohn’s, ulcerative colitis,  and any other condition where a stool test is required.

Being placed on the toilet seat or toilet bowl rim instead of being fitted inside the bowl HyStool® reduces the risk of cross-contamination and ensures there are fewer test errors this leads to more accurate results.

Bowel cancer is the second highest cause of cancer deaths in the UK. With with early treatment, nine out of ten of those cases can be treated. We believe that including HyStool® as part of a stool sample collection kit for bowel cancer would increase the uptake and ultimately help save lives.

Bowel Cancer and Crohn’s Disease

It is our opinion that the low return rates for the bowel cancer screening test and many other medical stool tests requiring the submission of a faecal stool sample is caused by the lack of a suitable collection device being provided as part of the stool sample collection kit. Our stool collection device allows people to easily and hygienically collect their sample. HyStool® provides the obvious solution, and our simple instructions on how to collect a stool sample at home make the process as simple and hygienic as possible.

The issue of hygienically collecting a stool sample at home is not just confined to Scotland nor is it confined to colorectal/bowel cancer screening. HyStool® can be used for any medical test that requires the submission of a stool sample test including Crohn’s disease, Heliobacter pylori testing and Colitis.

Because HyStool® is made from pva it is small and flexible. It can be folded up  so that it easily fits inside test kits send out by post for home testing kits such as ther Faecal immunochemical test (FIT). This test is now an established bowel cancer screening test that looks for hidden blood in stool samples. This hidden blood can be an early sign of colorectal cancer.

Flushaway faecal stool collection device

HyStool® is the hygienic, easy to use, flushaway stool sample collection device  for collecting a stool sample for medical tests including Ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, Heliobacter pylori testing and the Faecal Immonochemical Test (FIT) – bowel cancer screening test.