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Flushaway faecal stool sample collection

HyStool® is the hygienic, easy to use, flushaway stool test collection device  for collecting a stool sample for medical tests including Ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease and the Faecal Immonochemical Test (FIT) – bowel cancer screening test.

HyStool® – Simple and Hygienic Stool Collection

HyStool® was devised in Scotland in 2015. The idea was to improve the uptake of the bowel cancer screening stool sample test that is sent out by the NHS to those over the age of 50 (In Scotland). The percentage of those completing this test is a poor 50%. If the percentage of people completing the test could be increased then lives would be saved and the NHS would save a lot of money.

Bowel cancer is the second highest cause of cancer deaths in the UK, but with early treatment nine out of ten of those cases can be treated and lives saved.

It is our opinion that the low submission return rate for the bowel cancer screening test and many other medical stool tests is caused by the lack of a suitable stool sample collection device to allow people to easily and hygienically collect a sample. HyStool® provides the obvious solution.

We quickly realised that the issue of hygienically collecting a stool sample was not just confined to Scotland and not just confined to bowel cancer screening. HyStool® can be used for a whole host of medical tests that require a stool test including Crohn’s and Colitis.

HyStool® is a unique, simple to use, flushaway, hygienic, lightweight device that dissolves 100% in cold water. It easily fits inside the NHS bowel cancer screening test kit and other stool sample test kits. If included as part of these stool sample testing kits then HyStool® would raise return rates and ultimately save lives.

Our stool sample collection kit is designed to make an unpleasant job as easy as possible. Simply attach a HyStool® bag to your toilet seat, or the toilet rim under the seat … and pass a stool into the bag. Take the required smear sample.  Once finished detach the bag from the seat and simply flush away. HyStool® bags are made from PVA plastic(Polyvinyl Alcohol). They dissolve 100% in cold water.

For use at Home or in Hospitals

HyStool® does not have to be just part of a home stool sample testing kit. It could be used in hospitals, private health care clinics, and pharmacies. It would reduce the chance of cross-contamination and could save lives throughout the world.

HyStool® bags are made from PVA plastic. PVA plastic is strong, yet is completely safe for the environment and will dissolve 100% in cold water. HyStool® is safe to flush our collection device is the simple to use and the obvious solution when it comes to the hygienic collection of stool samples.

HyStool® – simply use then flushaway

HyStool® is the simple and hygienic stool collection device. With HyStool® there is no need to catch a stool on a piece of paper in your hand. No need to use a plate, plastic ice cream tub, egg box, or other such container. With HyStool® there is no need to fit a collection device inside a potentially contaminated toilet bowl or retrieve a soiled collection device after it has been used.

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