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It’s in the Bag !  Easy to Use .. Hygienic

HyStool® is the simple to use flushaway device for collecting stool samples for medical tests. It dissolves 100% in cold water. Simply flush away after use.

About HyStool®  Scottish invention for stool sample collection

HyStool® is a Scottish invention devised by Andrew Fraser in Scotland in 2015 to address the poor uptake of those asked to complete the NHS Bowel Cancer Screening test. In 2015 the Scottish bowel cancer screening test still gave the helpful advice of catch your stool on a piece of paper in your hand. Andrew decided against that option and set about coming up with a solution.

Several paper based prototypes followed before Andrew came up with the idea of a bag made from pva plastic that is totally bio degradable and dissolves in cold water. The bag was initially called the “fifty plus bag” because of the 50 age set in Scotland when the bowel cancer screening test is first distributed.

Subsequent research highlighted the fact that there was a worldwide requirement for a simple hygienic stool sample device that can be used at home or in hospitals. The Scottish invention of the fifty plus bag is the solution to that problem and following a name change it became HyStool®.

We are convinced that if HyStool® were included as part of the bowel cancer screening test kits then it would increase the percentage of those completing that test and lead to many lives being saved.

HyStool® is a registered trade mark and all rights are reserved. Patent pending.

Stool sample tests – The Problem

Faeces / Stools / Poo …. is tested for a number of medical reasons. It can be tested for the presence of bacteria or parasites, for fat content, for faecal occult blood and for Calprotectin. The problem can arise when people try to find a way of collecting a stool sample for these tests.

Stool samples are normally collected by the patient at their home. However, many people find it unpleasant, difficult, and unhygienic to collect the required sample. Cling film, kitchen foil, or lots and lots of toilet paper have all been used. These methods are awkward to use and difficult to dispose of. They may cause plumbing blockages if flushed down a toilet.

Over 50% of people will try and take a stool sample directly from the toilet bowl. This is technically difficult, at times unhygienic and can create potential measurement errors. This is due to loss of content from the stool into the surrounding water, or contamination from the toilet bowel, or from sanitisers  and toilet water additives.

HyStool® – The Solution

The HyStool® stool collector consists of a bespoke shaped plastic bag that is easily attached to a toilet seat or rim of a toilet bowl using adhesive stickers / pads. The “patient” simply sits on the toilet and passes a stool into the bag. HyStool® is strong enough to hold the stool, whilst a small stool test sample is taken. In tests, the bag has held a weight of 2kg without bursting.

After the sample has been taken the stickers are simply peeled from the seat and the HyStool® bag and contents are allowed to fall into the toilet bowl. It can all then be safely flushed away as HyStool® will dissolve 100% in cold water.

HyStool® is a bag .. it has sides to hold a stool .. it is attached to a toilet seat rather than being placed by hand inside a potentially contaminated toilet bowl… it leaves space at the front of the toilet bowl so that accidentally dischaged urine will hopefully not go in the bag.

All this makes HyStool® cleaner, more hygienic and less likely to be affected by cross contamination. Simply flushaway after use. The resultant consistency created by this process ensures greater accuracy of test data and fewer test errors.

As can be seen for laboratory purposes, HyStool® prevents variation and the presence of any unknown factors, caused by some collection methods.

HyStool® – A unique stool sample collection device

HyStool® is a unique device that is cheap, strong, small and lightweight. Each HyStool® bag weighs approximately 10g yet can hold up to 2kg in weight without bursting.  HyStool® can easily be included as part of a stool sample screening test kit without increasing postage costs or requiring additional packing. I

HyStool® is hygienic in that the patient does not have to reach inside the toilet bowl to attach or remove the device. It is completely biodegradable and eco-friendly in that it can be safely flushed away, and unlike some “flush away” products, it will dissolve completely in cold water.

We currently sell HyStool® in packs of 2 or 4 bags for home use but HyStool® can easily be flat packed or placed in dispenser boxes for use in hospitals, clinics or care homes.

For the Patient

  • Simple to Use

  • Use toilet as normal

  • Hygienic and clean

  • Flush away after use

For the Laboratory

  • Fits inside test kit

  • Greater patient uptake

  • Less contamination

  • Fewer repeat tests
  • Reduces costs

Product Features

  • Made from PVA Plastic

  • Dissolves in cold water

  • Safe to Flush

  • Small and lightweight

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